Aikido Guide: "Sensei in your pocket"


By September 2017, the Aikido Guide application has been downloaded by 2000users in 70 different countries.

The application has an average score of 4,8 (out of 5) on

(Since the launch in May 2012, the IPad- and iPhone-version of the AikidoGuide has been downloaded 1100 Aikido practitioners. The Android version, which was published later, has been downloaded by 400 users.)

So far 40 users have kindly published comments and scores (21 on AppStore and 19 on Google Play). Out of these, 34 have given the AikidoGuide the highest score (5 stars). We are very thankful for this feedback, being reassured that the effort put into the development and production of the app was worth it, and that it is contributing to people's training process.

Great thanks to all of you, and thanks for the positive reviews many of you have written on AppStore and Google Play!

Very Good!!!
By Marius Svensson about Aikido Guide (Google Play) on Des 25, 2013.

"If you practice aikido, get this!"

Toll und sehr hilfreich
By x10001 from Switzerland about Aikido Guide (version 1.5, Apple App Store) on Nov 21, 2013.

"Eine tolle App, führ mich momentan die beste Aikido-App. Sehr striukturiert und vor allem sehr viele Angriffs-Technik-Kombinationen. Zumindest führ einen Anfänger wie mich extrem hilfreich, da die Techniken detailliert gezeight und auch erklärt werden."

Thank you!
By Steffen Wikan from Norway about Aikido Guide (version 1.4, Apple App Store) on Sep 26, 2013.

"Beautiful app, and well explained techniques. Last update is midt i blinken :-D"

Love it!
By Eayk from Norway (version 1.4, Apple App Store) on September 9, 2013.

"This is so helpful. A complete library! Great job :)"

Informativ and inspiring app
By a Google-user (Google play) on March 16, 2013.
“I think this app is very good. Bjørn Eirik is my sensei and I'm very happy to see the result. I participated one day of the recording so I know the amount of work sensei have put into this project. I find the app easy to use, with excelent navigation. But the real value of the app is the systematic structure of the technics and the high quality of the contents. For beginners this app is very helpful to learn techniques and understand basic movements. And for experienced aikidokas I just say; be inspired :)"

Great for Aikidoka
By likuankoh from Singapore about AikidoGuide (version 1.3, Apple App Store) on Dec 30, 2012.

"I wanted an App for my iPad so I can refer to the various Aikido techniques anytime I like. I was quite apprehensive when I first bought this app as it was quite costly but boy I am impressed. It's perfect for a beginner like me and i believe it will be very useful to the seasoned practitioners. It has clear explanation and clear illustration of each technique. Having it is just like having an Aikido instructor with you anytime you want. Thanks!"

Surely the best Aikido app on iOS
By Unge Stuve from Norway about AikidoGuide (version 1.3, Apple App Store) on Oct 18, 2012.

"With intuitive controls and impressive content this app is the best Aikido app App Store. Can't imagine how much work that has been done to create this app. The Aikido Guide explains everything from basic forms of tai sabaki to advanced execution of techniques."

Great App for beginners and runaways as well
By takethetick from Germany about AikidoGuide (version 1.2, Apple App Store) on Jul 20, 2012.

"7.99 is some money, that's true, but you get really a lot for it. Each technique from basic to advanced in 4 different steps of "difficulty" as a HQ-movie with comments and descriptions. I've never seen such a great guide before!"

Sensei in your pocket
By Chris in Virginia from United States about AikidoGuide (version 1.2, Apple App Store) on Jun 15, 2012.

"I never review apps, but I felt compelled to speak up this time. I am a new student to aikido and have more questions than my teachers can answer without taking time away from the other aikidoka. This app helps answer most of them by providing endless demonstrations with explanations of what, exactly, is happening throughout. It does no good to practice if you practice the wrong thing. I have tried other aikido apps and they don't come close to the quality, content, and presentation of this one. Arigato gozaimashita."

A great tool
By Feerth from Norway about AikidoGuide (version 1.0, Apple App Store) on May 11, 2012.

"This is the first useful aikido guide I've seen. It is comprehensive and clear. A great guide to all basic techniques with the advanced versions just a click away. I wish I had this tool when I took my kyu-grades."

COMMENT FROM THE EDITOR: The very few negative reviews on the Aikido Guide has been commenting that videos play slow. This is, however, not due to the App but probably due to slow WiFi connection. Another complaint has been on the fact that explanations and menus are in English only. Thirdly, some users would have prefered to be able to use the App offline. However, in order to do that, it would have had to be very big with around 400 videos. We preferd to make a slim App thet would not occupate lots of spece on your mobile or tablet.