Aikido Guide




The Aikido Guide has three sections:

  • Individual Practice
  • Technical Guide
  • Info and Topics




The central part of the Aikido Guide, the “Technical Guide”, is built up from a combination of 12 attacks and 19 core techniques.

The application provides easy selection by attack and/or technique.




A characteristic of the Guide is its four modes of performing the techniques:

Basic mode: Precise movements with focus on how to go out of the line of attack and how to execute techniques correctly.

Two flowing modes: Large circular movements blending with the partner; Tenkan to the back of the attacker and Tenshin to the front.

Advanced mode: Direct entrance with sharp and swift movements.


In sum there are 344 videos of different combination of attack, technique and mode. Counting variations such as Omote and Ura, Irimi and Tenkan, etc., the material contains 568 applications. Each application is shown from two or three angles/sides.

Linked to each combination, there are videos with in-depth explanations of the core techniques (19 videos).

The Aikido Guide places much attention to understanding the way of entering into the technique; the Taisabaki such as Irimi sokumen, Tenkan, Uchikaiten irimi, etc. For each of the attack/technique combinations there is also a link to an explanation of the Taisabaki (14 videos).


A chapter for individual practice shows basic postures and movements such as Kamae, Kaiten, Tsugiashi, Ayumiashi, Irimi, Tenkan, Shomen uchi and Shihogiri and Happogiri, forward and backward Ukemi, Shikko and Torifune (18 videos).

In addition to this, emphasis is put on providing some information about the principles of Aikido, such as the Triangle, the Circle and the Square (4 videos).


The application also contains explanations of the logic behind the four modes of performing the techniques (4 videos).

Finally, there are some interviews about the Aikido Guide in particular and Aikido in General (3 videos).




“Enter the sphere of the opponent triangularly, handle him circularly and finish it squarely
Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido